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Valmont Intimates: Not Your Mother’s Lingerie

valmont23057-colors-black__largeI am always on the hunt for sexy, modern lingerie. And one of my absolute favorite places to find the best lingerie is Valmont Intimates. They have everything from comfortable every day bras, to the sexiest bridal lingerie. The best part? They offer all different sizes, including full figure sizes. As a leader in the fashion industry Valmont lingerie will have something stylish for you.

If you are like me, you like to have the comfort and support of a quality bra, but also want to feel sexy and confident in it. No one wants to feel like they have to buy a boring bra just because it is the only thing that fits. With all of the size and style options that Valmont lingerie has, I have finally seen the light. I do not need to only purchase boring, solid lingerie, but can get that little lacey number I have always wanted.

So a little bit about the company itself – they have over seventy three years experience working with intimates. They are a family owned and operated company, and all of their products can be found on their website. They offer a variety of lingerie that you are going to love being with. These include:

Panties Camisoles Bustiers Full figure items
Bridal Bras Mastectomy Bras Maternity Sports Bras

With such a variety there is no need to check out anywhere else. Each piece is specifically designed for a purpose, and is crafted with the finest quality materials. Every item was considered for a need, and completely fulfills that need.

What makes Valmont Bras stand out above the rest? They understand the full sized figure. They understand our needs. They have plus size bras that offer minimal coverage with half cup style that does not scrimp on appeal and support. They have a plunge bra that is perfect for those great low cut tops, and also have sports bras that minimize bounds.

They have soft cup bras which are one of my favorites, as are the underwire bras. They are constructed to offer maximum support for voluptuous or heavy breasts while still being beautifully styled. You will not feel like you have to sacrifice style for comfort or fit. They even have strapless bras that will work in your favor! They have a three part cup strapless which has vertical stays in the cup for the best possible support. If you think you could never wear a strapless bra, think again! These are not your mother’s lingerie. These are actually made to be beautiful and supportive. What more could you ask for?valmont214goodredo__large

Valmont lingerie also offers stunning panties, with size to fit any sized body. I love their lace trimmed hipster panties with smooth microfiber in a mid-rise cut. They also have pretty hi-cut styles that are decked out with lace in many fun colors, including light blue, pale pink, hot red, white, nude and black.

Looking for your bridal lingerie? Valmont lingerie has the perfect options! They have bustiers and longline bras that will make your wedding evening extra special. It will be just one less thing to worry about because you know exactly where to shop!

I am not the only one who loves Valmont lingerie. Consumers love Valmont because they understand a woman’s body, and the support that is needed. They love the craftsmanship and the quality of the design. The support the sexy lingerie provides is beyond anything I could find anywhere else. When looking for new lingerie, I will always look at Valmont’s lingerie first.

All of Valmont’s lingerie comes with lace or sheer fabric so that you always feel sexy under your clothes. I love that I do not have to feel like I am wearing something boring just so that I can get something that will fit. With Valmont’s lingerie, I am able to feel like myself and am full of confidence when I wear this lingerie. That is why Valmont is definitely one of my favorites.

So there is no reason for me to keep explaining this to you. You must have understood by now and for more information on Valmont products browse LaurenSilva.com for the right products. Check them out for yourself, you will love it!

Lingerie Shopping Online or Your Local Store: Which is Better?

How do you decide whether to do your lingerie shopping online or in your local store? You want to try on the items, and get expert help, so it sounds like the store would be better, right? Well, consider why you buy anything online. It is more convenient, returning is easy, and experts are just a call away. This is also true in the world of lingerie. Why be limited to just what is available in a store, when you can have an exorbitant amount of options available to you.
When deciding to purchase your lingerie online, you may feel a bit hesitant. I did too when I decided to give it a try. Normally, I liked to go to the store (usually just one store) and try on all these different types of bras. I would ask the store associates for help, and end up leaving with one choice. I buy a lot of my other clothing online, so I figured; hey why not give this a try too?
The world of online lingerie shopping is so much broader than I first thought. You have access to so many different brands and styles. Not to mention the perfect fits and sizes for those who are smaller to those who are more full figured. The colors, styles, and materials vary as well. If you are a full figured woman, and want that sexy little lace number, you will probably have an easier time finding it online than in your local store.
Now you are probably thinking that the fit of lingerie is of upmost importance. Well, is it not better to try on lingerie in the comfort of your own home rather than in a small dressing room where you cannot find a good place to put your purse and your clothes? Trying the bras on in the comfort of your own home can make you feel better than in public.
So what if it does not fit? Not to worry. Most online companies have similar return policies to those in the stores, sometimes easier! How many times have you forgotten to go back to the store to return something? Shipping back is easier since the mailman comes to your door anyway. You can purchase different sizes, find the one that fits you best and if you like the style of most, and then send the rest back. It is so easy!Woman on shopping on computer
I always take advantage of the knowledgeable staff when I am in the store shopping for lingerie. It was one of the biggest issues I had with shopping online as opposed to the store. Luckily, I did not have to worry about that. The online companies that sell quality lingerie usually have a customer service number you can call who will help you choose the right lingerie for you. Although they are not there to measure you, you can measure yourself, explain your situation, and have them give you recommendations on what lingerie styles and brands will work for you. They are experts when it comes to the fit and style of lingerie. This makes it much easier to shop online.
Where can you go online to find great lingerie? There are so many websites out there. You can choose from the manufacturer’s website, or find a website that carries many different brands that you can search through.

There are so many available options online; you never even need to leave your seat. Whether you are looking for every day comfort, or evening spicy, you will be able to find what you are looking for online. Did you know Fredrick’s of Hollywood no longer even has storefronts? It is all online now. Online lingerie shopping is the wave of the future. There is no reason not to give it a try. In my personal opinion, online lingerie shopping can definitely trump in store shopping.

Bridal Lingerie: Add Some Romance to Your Wedding Night

If you are preparing for the big night, or you want to buy wedding night lingerie for your best friend who is getting married, you might be overwhelmed with all of the options available out there. How revealing do you want to go? What do you feel comfortable in? What might he like to see? With all of the options out there, you want to consider what you are most comfortable in. I always say white is best, but maybe you want to be non-traditional and get a splash of color.

There are many places to shop as well, either in store or online, but I would suggest browsing online before you make a decision. Trying things on is somewhat of an option, you do want to make sure it fits perfectly.

Bridal lingerie is an important part of any bridal image. It should show off all of your advantages and impress your new groom. There are two piece sets, and some that come with a garter and thigh high stockings, two pieces with a fun, flirty bottom, full one pieces covered in lace, a sexy camisole. The options and ideas are endless.

So how do you choose the perfect bridal lingerie with all of those options available out there? Here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

  • Attention is in the details – Ribbons, lace, and other seductive details are what you and your new husband can enjoy after the wedding is over.
  • Lace is key – Lace can be sultry and sexy. A bra with a few scallops of lace along the border creates a sweet appeal. Or you could go full lace to show off your skin underneath.
  • Color options are endless – Once it is the evening, there is no longer a need to stick with white! Black or red can be ultra-sexy, or you can go demure with soft pastel colors.
  • Panties – For your panties if you want to go with a two piece, it can be lace or sheer. Allow your skin to teasingly peak through. Get a matching set to complete the look.
  • For a sexier look, add a garter belt and stockings. Garters and garter belts are available in a number of racy, sexy varieties. Get them to match the bra and panties set.
  • You can also opt for a teddy, baby doll, or chemise for a romantic wedding night. More than a simple bra, they can give you a very sexy look. A corset or bustiers are also great options.

This is your big night, so you want to look and feel perfect. This can be hard to do after an entire day of prepping, the ceremony, the reception and everything that you need to do. What you wear the day of your wedding is going to be vastly different from what you want to wear on your wedding night. The bridal lingerie you wear during your wedding day consists of support, comfort and practicality. This is completely the opposite for your bridal lingerie for your evening.

For the evening it is all about being sexy and feeling confident. That is what you should be thinking about when choosing the bridal lingerie, you want to wear.

  • Go for what fits your personality. If you are not a racy person, then maybe you want to choose something a bit sweeter. Your wedding night lingerie should be a reflection of who you are.
  • Keep it simple. Like I mentioned earlier, this is going to be a really busy and long day. You may be tired, worn out, and perhaps a little bit tipsy. You may not want to mess with hooking up a corset. Something easier may be the better way to go.
  • Splurge a little. This is night where you can spend just a bit more on quality lingerie. Your wedding night only happens once, so choose something that you like because you like it, and not just because of the price.
  • There is no reason to stress. He will love you in whatever you are wearing (or indeed not wearing). It is more about you being confident in your own skin.

There are many quality companies that offer great bridal lingerie. Check out Valmont Intimates, Victoria’s Secret, Jezebel, La Senza, Agent Provocateur and more to find what is right for you.