Daily Archive: September 15, 2016

Lingerie Shopping Online or Your Local Store: Which is Better?

How do you decide whether to do your lingerie shopping online or in your local store? You want to try on the items, and get expert help, so it sounds like the store would be better, right? Well, consider why you buy anything online. It is more convenient, returning is easy, and experts are just a call away. This is also true in the world of lingerie. Why be limited to just what is available in a store, when you can have an exorbitant amount of options available to you.
When deciding to purchase your lingerie online, you may feel a bit hesitant. I did too when I decided to give it a try. Normally, I liked to go to the store (usually just one store) and try on all these different types of bras. I would ask the store associates for help, and end up leaving with one choice. I buy a lot of my other clothing online, so I figured; hey why not give this a try too?
The world of online lingerie shopping is so much broader than I first thought. You have access to so many different brands and styles. Not to mention the perfect fits and sizes for those who are smaller to those who are more full figured. The colors, styles, and materials vary as well. If you are a full figured woman, and want that sexy little lace number, you will probably have an easier time finding it online than in your local store.
Now you are probably thinking that the fit of lingerie is of upmost importance. Well, is it not better to try on lingerie in the comfort of your own home rather than in a small dressing room where you cannot find a good place to put your purse and your clothes? Trying the bras on in the comfort of your own home can make you feel better than in public.
So what if it does not fit? Not to worry. Most online companies have similar return policies to those in the stores, sometimes easier! How many times have you forgotten to go back to the store to return something? Shipping back is easier since the mailman comes to your door anyway. You can purchase different sizes, find the one that fits you best and if you like the style of most, and then send the rest back. It is so easy!Woman on shopping on computer
I always take advantage of the knowledgeable staff when I am in the store shopping for lingerie. It was one of the biggest issues I had with shopping online as opposed to the store. Luckily, I did not have to worry about that. The online companies that sell quality lingerie usually have a customer service number you can call who will help you choose the right lingerie for you. Although they are not there to measure you, you can measure yourself, explain your situation, and have them give you recommendations on what lingerie styles and brands will work for you. They are experts when it comes to the fit and style of lingerie. This makes it much easier to shop online.
Where can you go online to find great lingerie? There are so many websites out there. You can choose from the manufacturer’s website, or find a website that carries many different brands that you can search through.

There are so many available options online; you never even need to leave your seat. Whether you are looking for every day comfort, or evening spicy, you will be able to find what you are looking for online. Did you know Fredrick’s of Hollywood no longer even has storefronts? It is all online now. Online lingerie shopping is the wave of the future. There is no reason not to give it a try. In my personal opinion, online lingerie shopping can definitely trump in store shopping.